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Do You Want a Board Filled With the People You Need and Want to Advance Your Mission?

Then You Need a Proven Board Recruitment System

I'm in! Give me Board Recruitment Success now!

We know the quality of your board influences your nonprofit's ability to advance its mission.

And, the quality of your board is only as good as the people who are on it.

Yet, finding the people you need and want is one of the biggest challenges you face as a nonprofit leader.

Recruiting the right board members isn't easy. A recent study revealed that the processes most nonprofits use to recruit board members don't get the results they need.

Here are some of the most common challenges nonprofit leaders face related to board member recruitment:

  • They have difficulty finding and connecting with people who are outside of their relationship circles. 

  • Board members and executives state the people they seek are too busy or "already taken."

  • There is lack of clarity or agreement about the priority characteristics needed in new board members.

  • They don't have a consistent, ongoing process that gives them a pipeline of ideal board member prospects.

  • I’ve been hearing these challenges and more for a long time. And I hate to see nonprofit leaders struggle with challenges that can be overcome.

    There haven't been any solutions that fully address these challenges -- until now.

    Now, you can have a solution.

    It's called Board Recruitment Success and it gives you a proven board recruitment system that's been successful with many nonprofits.


    Board Recruitment Success Will Enable You To:

    1. Shift Your Mindset 

    You will learn a process for removing assumptions -- shifting mindsets -- that get in the way of your finding the right board members. New possibilities will open up!

    2. Prepare to Recruit

    We'll cover the four key things you must have in place before you begin recruiting new board members.

    3. Identify Prospects

    Effective strategies will empower you to find just the right new board member prospects for your nonprofit.

    4. Assess Prospects

    You'll learn the most effective ways to discover if your prospects are the right fit for your nonprofit and how to engage them if they are.

    5. Select and Elect

    You'll learn tips for the selection and election of your new board members.

    6. Create a Pipeline

    You'll walk away with a clear, proven process to create a pipeline of ideal board member prospects for your nonprofit.

    Here's What People Are Saying About
    Board Recruitment Success

    "Board Recruitment Success is chock full of very practical, usable ideas.”

    “Board Recruitment Success is comprehensive, well-organized, and chock full of very practical, usable ideas. The course provides doable suggestions to improve board recruitment in a structured and effective way.

    It gives an important reminder to examine one's mindset and evaluate prospects through the lens of fit with the organization's mission.

    We will put more structure around our recruiting and cast a wider net, using the indirect connections suggested to increase diversity and variety of experiences on the Board."

    ~ Sarita Kohli, CEO, Asian Americans for Community Involvement

    "The specific tools and templates will help
    us move forward."

    “Board Recruitment Success will really help us think strategically about our approach to recruiting and strengthen our systems and tools for it. The course provides an organized focus on strengthening the board as a vital part of the organization's work and success.

    The specific tools and templates will help us move forward -- we can compare them with our existing tools or use them as brand new and this is particularly helpful.

    My board member partner taking the course is fired up to shift our board culture in key ways and recruit the members we need to be more effective leaders." 

    ~ Don Burgett, Executive Director, LifeLab

    "This course provides tools for the Board to recruit the best members.”

    “Board Recruitment Success provides tools for the Board to recruit the best members, to maintain a pipeline of potential board members, and to place them on committees.

    The course provides a systematic way for recruiting board members. Statements about listening to potential board members instead of trying to sell the nonprofit were particularly helpful; as well as suggestions for what to do with a potential member you're not ready to elect."

    ~ Mary Cox, Board President (former), American Association of University Women

    "This course is an eye-opener!"

    “This course is an eye-opener! So much should be considered in selecting board members.

    In the past, boards I have served on did not get good board members committed to our mission. 

    Now we have the right steps and the strategies." 

    ~ Nancy Pang, Ed.D, Board member, Amigos De Guadalupe

    Here’s What You Get

    1. A Powerful Online Program

    To make this program accessible and convenient for anyone, this online program uses a state-of-the-art course delivery platform. 

    Upon joining the Board Recruitment Success program, you'll gain password protected access to the online learning center. 

    This access, unique to your nonprofit, can be shared with all of your current board members and all of your new board members. Every module is brief and available 24/7 for your board members’ convenience. 

    It is recommended that the board leaders or committee members that help with new board member recruitment (e.g., board development committee, governance committee) complete the course at the same time or together, if possible.

    2.  Action Guides

    Each module includes an Action Guide downloadable in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats. The Action Guides summarize what is covered in the module. They also provide action items that reinforce the learning so each board member can apply what is learned. 

    3. Tools and Templates

    You will receive tools and templates that are a part of the Board Recruitment Success system. These resources will save you time and reinforce the strategies that work.

    4.  Ongoing Access

    You and your board members -- even staff who may be interested -- will have access to Board Recruitment Success anytime, from anywhere you have internet access. And, you'll get access to all updates. There will be no additional cost ever. 

    Your Investment

    You get ongoing access to the entire program AND all the updates free.

    All for a one-time investment of just $497

    No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Just complete the program within 30 days of gaining access. And then, if you do not agree this is a great resource for your nonprofit, you will receive a full refund.


    And, after the 30 days you can get your bonus! A 30 minute laser coaching call with me! Just email me when you're ready to schedule that.

    Talk With Mary

    Need to Discuss it with Your Board?

    I understand completely. Just click the "Talk with Mary" button below. As soon as you do, you'll get an email with a link to my online calendar. 

    We'll schedule a quick call so I can answer your questions, see if this is a fit for you and your board. 

    Here's What People Are Saying About
    Board Recruitment Success

    "What we learned enabled us to recruit two well qualified candidates for the board."

    "Mary helped the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History to develop a thorough and professional Board recruitment package and trained our Governance Committee in recruitment techniques, evaluation and creation of a process for recruiting potential board members and skill sets.

    What we learned enabled us to recruit two well qualified candidates for the board. Mary helped us understand that soliciting community members for board membership needs to be a thoughtful process."

    ~ Donna Meyers, Board President 

    "We added, oriented, and trained 5 new board members in six months."

    "We needed to build the board, adopt a strategic plan, and clarify the role and responsibilities of the executive director. We achieved all we set out to do.

    "We added, oriented, and trained 5 new board members in six months. Mary kept us on track and her expertise and experience were invaluable." 

    ~ Marilou Christina, Interim Executive Director, Respite & Research for Alzheimer's Disease

    "We are armed to approach the individuals we need.”

    “The discussion at our board workshop was very helpful for me o reset my restrictive thinking about finding board prospects. I have a tendancy to talk myself out of a prospect because I think they would not be interested in our history-related organization, not have time etc. 

    Shifting my mindset to be open to the possibilities along with the tools you provided for building an effective board--we are armed to approach prospects.

    We have added two great board members as a result of your work with us!” 

    ~ Kathy Sullivan, President, Morgan Hill Historical Society 

    "We added three new board members--all of whom met our strategic criteria."

    “We needed help with board development. With Mary's help we created our strategic plan and identified the related criteria we needed for new board members.

    We added three new board members--all of whom met our strategic criteria." 

    ~ Diane Riccio, Ph.D., Executive Director, Youth Science Institute

    Meet Mary Hiland, Ph.D.

    I'm Mary Hiland, and I understand what executive directors and board members need and want to address their challenges.

    I've been involved with nonprofits for over 40 years, including 26 years as an executive director. 

    I’ve also spent many years serving on boards as a board member. So I’ve sat on both sides of the table and understand both perspectives. 

    I understand all the demands you face as an executive director and how hard it can be to put the systems in place to ensure an effective board.

    Over my 20 years of coaching nonprofit leaders, I've seen what an asset an effective board can be. I’ve become passionate about helping executive directors unleash the full potential of their boards.

    Having an effective board begins with having the right people for your nonprofit at the table. 

    I'm confident that what I've created in Board Recruitment Success will be extremely valuable for you and your board. I have tested this system with many nonprofits and it works!